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GrabXP7 is Freeware.



No Malware, No Ads, No NagScreen,
No Catch.

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Free update for everyone. Improved compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 Pro Desktop.

Quick, simple and precise.

Place the transparent grab tool over any area of your display. Drag and size the frame and adjust as many times as you want until you have exactly the area you want.

You can then save to file as JPG or BMP or save to Windows Clipboard and paste directly into other applications such as MS Word, Paint and many other applications.

How does GrabXP7 differ from many other image grabbers ? Many image grabbers expect you to use the mouse to highlight a specific area of the display. That doesn't always get the exact pixels you want.

GrabXP7 uses a transparent window frame that you place over the area you're interested in. You can then move, size and adjust the frame as much as you want until you get exactly the area you want.

GrabXP7 - Screen Grabber, Image Grabber and capture any area of your computer display or desktop then size, flip and rotate and copy it to your windows clipboard or save it as a jpeg or BMP image which can be instantly used or processed in presentations or other graphics applications.